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Thermally Broken Doors

Do you live in extreme cold weather conditions?

Learn more about our breakthrough technology known as the thermal break. 

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Live in an area of extreme cold? Our thermally broken iron doors may be just what you are looking for. With our patent pending thermal break application, we can make your new front entry door stand up to even the harshest of cold conditions. We create a barrier in these custom wrought iron doors that stops the cold from penetrating to the inside of your home or business. A great edition to any space, we can custom make any metal door design to truly blend with your home or business’ look.

Iron Door Source is one of the very few iron door companies that is capable of incorporating the breakthrough technology known as the thermal break technology.  This technology is a game changer in our industry and we are very happy to offer it to our customers.  Thermal break technology extends throughout the door, jamb, and window protecting the inside of the door from temperatures outside. The inside and outside surfaces of the iron door are thermally separated resulting in exceptional improvement in insulation.